AD8422 Operational Amplifiers

By Analog Devices Inc 64

AD8422 Operational Amplifiers

Analog Devices' AD8422 is a high-precision, low-power, low-noise, rail-to-rail instrumentation amplifier that delivers the best performance per unit microampere in the industry. The AD8422 processes signals with ultra-low distortion performance that is load independent over its full output range.

The AD8422 is the third-generation development of the industry standard AD620. The AD8422 employs new process technologies and design techniques to achieve higher dynamic range and lower errors than its predecessors, while consuming less than one-third of the power. The AD8422 uses the high-performance pinout introduced by the AD8221.

Very-low bias current makes the AD8422 error-free with high source impedance, allowing multiple sensors to be multiplexed to the inputs. Low voltage noise and low current noise make the AD8422 an ideal choice for measuring a Wheatstone bridge.

The wide input range and rail-to-rail output of the AD8422 bring all of the benefits of a high-performance in-amp to single supply applications. Whether using high or low supply voltages, the power savings make the AD8422 an excellent choice for high channel count or power-sensitive applications on a very tight error budget.