Shift Registers and Decoders

By Diodes Incorporated 35

Shift Registers and Decoders

Based on Diodes, Inc. updated 5 V CMOS process, the popular 595, 594, and 138 logic functions offer improvements over industry-standard alternatives in terms of power-to-performance ratio and ESD protection. They are suitable for smart domestic appliances, data communication, along with residential and industrial control applications. The 8-bit shift register with 8-bit storage register (with and without tri-state outputs) and 3-to-8 line decoder are direct drop-in replacements for industry-standard logic devices, and are available in a choice of SO-16 and TSSOP-16 packages. With a wide 2.0 V to 5.5 V operating voltage range, the logic parts are suitable for an array of uses, including 5 V legacy systems. Additionally, the input hysteresis of the 24 new devices makes them less susceptible to problems of slow-rising or falling data signals.

  • Wide supply voltage ranges
    • Recommended operating voltage range is VCC from 2.0 V to 6.0 V
    • Allows a wide range of applications including 5 V legacy systems
  • Noise-rejection circuitry
    • All of the devices include a small amount of input hysteresis, making them less susceptible to problems from slow-rising or falling signals
  • Direct replacement
    • The 74HC, HCT, AHC, and AHCT devices are direct replacements for the industry-standard devices providing better value and improved availability