µEnergy® Development Kits

By Qualcomm 142

µEnergy® Development Kits

Qualcomm's remote control kits provide a means to evaluate and develop a full system solution based upon CSR1011TM and CSR8510TM chips. Advanced remote control features such as gesture recognition and voice control, are now possible with the battery life and responsiveness users have come to expect with today’s smart devices.

The evaluation kit is prepackaged in remote control plastics for easy and simple demonstration. It also comes with a USB dongle and PC software to evaluate and test performance.

The development kit includes a flexible and modular CSR1011-based development board fitted with a Hillcrest sensor board, voice command capability, configurable buttons and a conventional IR transmitter. To ease remote control development, the kit also includes a GUI based application to auto-generate code for the CSR1011 according to an ever-growing hardware library of sensors and components. Also included is a CSR8510 USB dongle to aid successful hardware integration.

  • Out-of-the-box solution for Qualcomm's µEnergy remote control
  • Gesture control using Hillcrest Motion Engine
  • Voice command solution
  • Host wake-up function
  • Evaluation kit with remote in plastic housing
  • Development kit with modular PCB, programming tools and BlueZ host tools
  • The kits demonstrate the CSR1011 and CSR8510 capability for advanced remote controls for:
    • TVs
    • Set-top boxes
    • Audio/visual applications
    • Gaming
    • PCs