A4900 High-Voltage (600 V) BLDC MOSFET Gate Driver

By Allegro MicroSystems, LLC 42

A4900 High-Voltage (600 V) BLDC MOSFET Gate Driver

Allegro MicroSystems' A4900 is a three-phase BLDC driver that provides six gate drives capable of driving a wide range of N-channel IGBT or power MOSFET switches. The gate drives are configured as three high-voltage high-side drives and three low-side drives. The high-side drives are isolated up to 600 V to allow operation with high-bridge (motor) supply voltages. High-side drives use a bootstrap capacitor to provide the necessary gate-drive voltage above the motor supply voltage. Each drive can be controlled with a TTL logic-level input compatible with 3.3 V or 5 V logic systems. It is targeted for industrial and automotive markets in white goods, inverters, EV and hybrid automotive, electronic power steering (EPS), A/C compressor, pumps, fans, and blower applications.

Features and Benefits  
  • High-voltage 3-phase gate drive
  • Floating high-side gate drive to 600 VDC supply
  • Tolerant to high-voltage slew rates
  • Cross-conduction protection with fixed dead time
  • 15 V gate drive-supply voltage
  • Power rating of 63 mW for 0805 and 100 mW for 1206
  • TTL compatible logic inputs
  • Undervoltage detection
  • Overcurrent detection with integrated fault blanking
  • Overtemperature shutdown
  • Detailed fault reporting