CN-A24 Series DC-DC Converters

By TDK-Lambda Americas, Inc. 167

CN-A24 Series DC-DC Converters

TDK's CN-A24 quarter-brick modules operate off a wide range of DC inputs from 14.4 to 36.0 VDC, which is widely used in the railway industry and for 24-volt vehicles. Available with output voltages of 5 V, 12 V, or 24 VDC (adjustable ±10%), these fully-regulated and isolated power modules deliver exceptional performance.

The CN-A24 DC-DC modules are suitable for both rolling stock and trackside equipment, enabling users to design cost-effective IEC61373-compliant systems without the risks associated with custom product designs and in a much shorter timescale.

As standard, the CN-A24 units are equipped with remote sense, remote on/off, overvoltage, and overcurrent protection circuitry, and include TDK-Lambda’s 5-year warranty. All CN50A24 models have an input-to-output isolation of 3k VAC, are safety-approved to UL/CSA/EN60950-1, and carry the CE mark in accordance with the LV Directive.

  • 14.4 - 36 VDC input
  • IEC 61373 shock and vibration
  • Base-plate cooled
  • Full power at 100ºC base plate
  • Small size
  • Quarter-brick footprint
  • Wide input range
  • Railway/Transportation
  • 24 V vehicles
  • Power plants
  • Harsh environments
  • Industrial and process control equipment