TRM Series ESR Tantalum Multi-Anode Capacitors

By AVX Corporation 107

TRM Series ESR Tantalum Multi-Anode Capacitors

AVX Corporation has developed an advanced SMD tantalum professional multi-anode capacitor series that provides ultra-low ESR and high reliability levels. Designed the TRM series, these capacitors feature failure rates better than 0.5%/1000 hours at full rated voltage and 85ºC. Based on AVX’s proven tantalum capacitor technology, TRM series capacitors deliver high reliability and ruggedness in combination with an ultra-low ESR multi-anode concept.

TRM series capacitors are designed for high-end commercial applications with long operating life expectancies. The low ESR value of these capacitors is achieved through their multi-anode construction, which provides larger surge current capability within the same case size. Temperature cycling, double burn-in time (aging), and exception limit controls in place ensures superior quality and enhanced reliability levels within the commercial product portfolio.


  • Targeting high-end, low ESR commercial market
  • Super low ESR
  • High ripple current capability
  • Improved reliability and DCL performance, more robust against thermo-mechanical stresses

Features and Benefits

  • Reliability 0.5%/1000 hrs
  • Super low ESR, high frequency capacitance retention
  • Double burn-in