9177 Series

By AVX Corporation 66

9177 Series

The 9177 Series from AVX offers customers the ability of connecting individual wires to a single row of contact using IDC technology.

Available as a single contact version or 2- and 3-way offers the user flexibility of placement on the PCB for single- or multiple-wires.

Application tooling for the 9177 comes in the form of flat rock plates for each of the sizes. The wires are inserted into the slots by the application tools cutting through the insulation and exposing the inner cores, which then form a homogenous joint with the contact. The molding is shaped to form a restraint to the wire insulation therefore adding to the strength of the joint. The 9177 is supplied in tape and reel for easy pick and place. Suitable wire options are stranded wire between 14 AWG and 20 AWG.

  • Eliminates the need for hand soldering
  • Connectors are end-to-end stackable for larger pin counts
  • Uses stranded wire with no preparation
  • Integrated cable restraint within the molding
  • Offers a fit and forget termination by using IDC
  • Tooling allows mass termination of each connectors size
  • Termination of any individual wires within the specified wire range to a PCB
  • High power termination to 15 A
  • Voltage critical areas up to 650 V