DAC3151/61/71 500 MSPS DACs

By Texas Instruments 69

DAC3151/61/71 500 MSPS DACs

TI's DAC3151/DAC3161/DAC3171 is a family of single-channel 500 MSPS digital-to-analog converters with resolutions of 10-/12-/14-bits. The family uses a 10-/12-/14-bit wide LVDS digital bus with an input FIFO. The 14-bit DAC3171 also supports a DDR 7-bit LVDS interface mode. FIFO input and output pointers can be synchronized across multiple devices for precise signal synchronization.

The DAC outputs are current sourcing and terminate to GND with a compliance range of -0.5 to 1 V. DAC3151/DAC3161/DAC3171 is pin compatible with the dual-channel, 10-/12-/14-bit, 500 MSPS, digital-to-analog converter DAC3154/DAC3164/DAC3174.

  • Maximum sample rate: 500 MSPS
  • Pin-compatible family
  • Chip-to-chip synchronization
  • Power dissipation: 375 mW
  • Input interface:
    • Parallel LVDS inputs
    • Single- or dual- DDR data clock
    • Internal FIFO