FK Series Capacitors

By TDK Corporation 48

FK Series Capacitors

TDK's FK series dipped, radial-leaded, ceramic capacitors are multilayer ceramic capacitors attached with solder-coated wire leads and dipped with UL94V-0 approved resin. These capacitors support traditional functions such as decoupling, filtering, bypassing, and smoothing in general circuit applications. A most recent use of these leaded capacitors has been to combat acoustic noise in lighting applications. The FK series is available in 2.5 mm and 5.0 mm lead spacing, 6.3 V - 630 V, up to 100 uF, as well as in X5R, X7R, X7S, C0G, and Y5V temperature characteristics.

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  • No polarity
  • Large electrostatic capacity, due to the technological progress in creating thinner layers of ceramic dielectric and achieving multilayer lamination
  • High level of reliability under specified environmental conditions
  • Small residual inductance, providing good frequency characteristics
  • The leads are formed with a "kink" to achieve consistent insertion heights and facilitate the release of gases during soldering for dramatically improved solderability
  • Also available are products that meet taping specifications for automatic insertions, which contribute to reducing on-board costs
  • Flammability of resin is UL94V-0 approved
  • RoHS compliant
  • Acoustic noise countermeasure
  • General electronic equipment
  • Power supply
  • Lighting
  • High-frequency noise filter