INA199A1 Bi-Directional Zerø-Drift Series

By Texas Instruments 68

INA199A1 Bi-Directional Zerø-Drift Series

Texas Instruments' INA199 series of voltage output current shunt monitors can sense drops across shunts at common-mode voltages from –0.3 to 26 V, independent of the supply voltage. Three fixed gains are available: 50 V/V, 100 V/V, and 200 V/V. The low offset of the Zerø-Drift architecture enables current sensing with maximum drops across the shunt as low as 10 mV full-scale.

These devices operate from a single +2.7 to +26 V power supply, drawing a maximum of 100 µA of supply current. All versions are specified from –40°C to +105°C, and offered in both SC70 and thin QFN-10 packages.

  • Wide common-mode range: -0.3 to 26 V
  • Accuracy:
    • ±1.5% gain error (max over temperature)
    • 0.5 µV/°C offset drift (max)
    • 10 ppm/°C gain drift (max)
  • Offset voltage: ±150 µV (max), (enables shunt drops of 10 mV full-scale)
  • Gain: 50 V/V
  • Quiescent current: 100 µA (max)
  • Packages: SC70, thin QFN-10

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