DP7000/DP7100 Series – dPWER™, 2nd Generation Digi

By Bel Power Solutions 47

DP7000/DP7100 Series – dPWER™, 2nd Generation Digi

Bel Power Solutions DP7000 and DP7100 series are an intelligent, fully-programmable, step-down, point-of-load DC/DC converter integrating digital power conversion and intelligent power management. It works with the DM7300 series Digital Power Managers (DPM) which provides synchronizing for all system Power-On-Load regulators, for an elegant, flexible, low-noise power system solution.

All key parameters, sequencing, tracking, fault protection, and compensation parameters are programmable via Power-One's I²C-based GUI. All settings can be changed by a user at any time during product development and service. Once programmed, the DPM remembers all settings and configures the converter through a self-clocking single-wire communication bus. Flash memory in the DPM allows changes to be made without the need to solder or rewire the regulator.

The 2nd generation of dPOLs supports enhancements over the previous generation including improved set-point accuracy, finer resolution of voltage adjustment, more precise telemetry data, and auto compensation of the feedback loop including a system identification function for precise adjustment based on actual application conditions. These features, along with advanced fault management and fault insertion, provide for a highly-advanced, totally-digital solution for board-mounted DC/DC point-of-load requirements.

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