Chip Resistors and Arrays

By Samsung Electro-Mechanics 113

Chip Resistors and Arrays

Samsung Electro-Mechanics manufactures highly reliable, ultra-small SMD resistors and arrays. Chip resistors are passive components which are useful for reducing voltage and controlling currents. The Samsung family of resistors utilizes thick film and state-of-the-art technology to meet customer requirements. Production capacity is being expanded as demand for small size, lightweight electronic devices increases.

The RP series is the most widely-used convex-type array, used in various end products. To deal with decreased mounting space resulting from higher performance requirements and minimization of board size, as well as to improve pick-and-place productivity, demand is growing for alternate solutions to single-chip devices. The SEMCO RP series was initially developed for Memory Module producers and has excellent quality and resistance stability.

The RN series is a concave-type array with electrodes formed in concave parts. The RN series has higher body strength than the RP series, and is more resistant to external impact. The SEMCO RN series was also originally developed for Memory Module producers, who preferred the concave termination design for their particular pick-and-place and solder processes.

The RF series is an ultra-small array type, made up of two or four 0603 (EIA 0201) size chip resistors in one array. The RF series is also known as Flat Type, with termination electrodes on the flat, un-castellated sides. This product permits very-high resistive product component density.