DF57H Series

By Hirose Electric Co Ltd 72

DF57H Series

Hirose's DF57H series is a wire-to-board, high-current connector that was designed to provide the power needed to power your small portable device or LED application. This series features a 1.2 mm pitch, 1.4 mm mated height, and a capacity of up to 2.5 A of current. The "Swing Lock" system utilizes positive and friction locks and a guide-key structure to ensure secure connections. Available in 2-6 contact counts and accepts 28 AWG to 34 AWG wire. RoHS-compliant and UL certified.

  • 1.2 mm pitch
  • 1.4 mm mated height
  • Low profile
  • 2.5 A capacity
  • UL certified
  • Swing lock system (positive and friction locks)
  • Guide-key structure
  • 28 AWG to 34 AWG wire
  • 2-6 contact counts
  • Mobile phones
  • DSCs
  • LED lighting
  • Notebook PCs
  • Touch panels
  • Small batteries
  • Small motors