FH34S FPC / FFC Connector with 0.5 mm Pitch

By Hirose Electric Co Ltd 68

FH34S FPC / FFC Connector with 0.5 mm Pitch

Hirose's FH34S series is an FPC / FFC connector that delivers a compact, reliable connection by utilizing a 0.5 mm pitch and 1.0 mm mated height. This low-profile, space-saving connector also requires less mounting space as it has a mounting depth of just 3.8 mm. Several contact options are available, top or bottom and a top/bottom contact. Its unique back-flip ZIF structure is simple, user-friendly, and offers increased FPC / FFC retention force. This connector supports automatic pick-n-place mounting and is shipped with the actuator in the open position, which reduces production time and lowers costs. Current rating is a maximum 0.5 A and is RoHS-compliant.

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  • 0.5 mm pitch
  • 1.0 mm mated height
  • FPC / FFC back-flip connector
  • 0.5 A capacity
  • Mounting depth of 3.8 mm
  • Contact counts: 4-40
  • Accepts 0.3 mm thick standard FPC
  • Automatic pick-n-place capability
  • Halogen-free versions available
  • Top, bottom, top and bottom contact
  • LCD monitor
  • DVD
  • CD-R/W
  • Notebook PC
  • Mobile phone