IEEE1588v2 Ethernet

By Microchip Technology 98

IEEE1588v2 Ethernet

Microchip's commitment to supporting industrial networking is further enhanced with EtherSynch™ technology, based on IEEE1588v2 time synchronization. EtherSynch™ technology enables an advanced, low-cost, hardware-based architecture that offloads both synchronization and communications processing from the host CPU.

The EtherSynch™ family of 1588v2 Ethernet switches and controllers offer highly-integrated, power efficient solutions for major industrial Ethernet standards such as Ethernet/IP, Profinet, ModBus/TCP, and Powerlink. Development timescales are shortened with the availability of both hardware and pre-qualified PTP software stack.

  • Comprehensive PTP clock modes
  • Hardware-assisted PTP implementation
  • Extensive GPIO synchronized to precision clock
  • Bypass mode and source address filtering
  • Flexible host interface options: MII, RMII, and Generic Host Interface
  • PTP protocol stack integrated with driver
  • Compact 10 mm x 10 mm, 64-pin, LQFP package
  • Advanced power management
  • Industrial automation and motion control systems
  • Real-time Ethernet networks requiring sub-microsecond synchronization over standard Ethernet
  • IEC 61850 networks supporting power substation automation
  • Networked measurement and control systems
  • Test and measurement equipment