DM3CS Connector

By Hirose Electric Co Ltd 59

DM3CS Connector

Hirose's DM3CS is a hinge type connector for microSD cards. It has a low profile of 1.83 mm and high contact reliability with a self-cleaning effect. There is a card fall-out prevention feature and secure lock. Durability is up to 5,000 cycles. There is enhanced grounding for EMC and high PCB retention force. There is a clear "click" feeling when cover is closed. The connector is 13.8 mm wide and has a depth of 15.45 mm in the locked position. This series is RoHS-compliant.

Features and Benefits
  • Hinge-type microSD card connector
  • Low profile of 1.83 mm
  • Depth is 15.45 mm in the locked position
  • Features a card fall-out prevention
  • High PCB retention force
  • Card-detection switch
  • Durability and secure lock up to 5,000 cycles
  • High contact reliability with self-cleaning effect
  • Current capacity is 0.5 A

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