Extreme-Temperature LCD Modules

By Lumex Opto/Components Inc 249

Extreme-Temperature LCD Modules

Lumex’s high/low-temperature custom LCD modules are designed specifically for products required to function under the most strenuous conditions. Versus standard, off-the-shelf LCD modules, Lumex’s unique LCD design capability for high/low-temperature modules provide up to 50% savings in technology costs, and 70-80% power reduction over other traditional display technologies. Lumex’s high/low-temperature LCD modules are ideal for OEM designers that require consistent display performance despite extreme heat or cold conditions.

In addition to Lumex’s family of standard high/low-temperature LCD modules, additional modules can be developed utilizing Lumex’s high/low-temperature technology based on customer requirements. High/low-temperature LCDs can be developed in any size ranging from 8 x 1 character displays up to a 320 x 240 graphic display.

  • Available from 8 x 1 character display up to a 320 x 240 graphic display
  • Wide-variety of color choices when paired with LED backlights
  • Available in either positive or negative image display
  • Offering temperature ranges from -40°C to 85°C, with consistent cold- and hot-start LCD performance
  • Provides high-resolution, high-duty daylight visibility
  • Gas-pumps/ fuel meters
  • Freezer or oven displays
  • Non-automotive transportation
  • Non-climate-controlled facilities
  • Industrial controls
  • Military
  • Medical devices
  • Appliances