MDmesh II Plus™ Low Qg Power MOSFETs

By STMicroelectronics 107

MDmesh II Plus™ Low Qg Power MOSFETs

M2 (MDmesh II Plus™ Low Qg) is the latest technology introduced by STMicroelectronics' in the 600 V super-junction MOSFET arena. This technology is aimed to offer the best cost-performance ratio in the industry and offer superior performance in specific SMPS applications like LLC-type and resonant converters, today widely used to power all the low-energy consumption applications such as LED and LCD flat panel TVs. By using a device belonging to the MDMesh II Plus™ Low-Qg technology, the designer will experience an extremely easy-to-use and highly-performing device, which will imply a higher electrical efficiency of the overall converter compared to any other previous ST solution.

  • Extremely low gate charge
  • Lower RDS(on) x area
  • Low gate input resistance
  • 100% avalanche tested
  • Zener-protected
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