TEA172x GreenChip Low-Power SMSP Controllers

By NXP Semiconductors 74

TEA172x GreenChip Low-Power SMSP Controllers

The NXP TEA172x family is a series of small, low-cost module switched mode power supply (SMPS) controller ICs that operate directly from the rectified universal mains input and are tailored for low-power applications up to 5 W or 11 W. Each device is equipped with a high-voltage power MOSFET switch (700 V) and is optimized for flyback, buck, and buck-boost converter topologies. The result is high efficiency over the entire load range. Power consumption in the no-load condition below 10 mW at 5 W, which exceeds the EPA 2.0 rating and the 5-star rating defined by EnergyStar.

The TEA1721 supports operation up to 5 W and is ideally suited for use in mobile USB chargers, major home appliances, and industrial systems. The TEA1723 runs at up to 11 W and targets tablet PCs, e-readers, and set-top boxes (STBs). All three TEA172x devices have the same feature set but use a different power MOSFET, tailored for operation up to 5 W or 11 W, respectively.

The TEA172x architecture provides a circuit for start-up directly from the rectified mains voltage without any external bleeder circuits. The converter operates as a regulated voltage source from no-load up to the maximum output current and operates as a current source that delivers the maximum current over a broad output voltage range.