DM3AT Series

By Hirose Electric Co Ltd 68

DM3AT Series

The DM3AT series from Hirose Electric is a microSD connector system. It has a push-push with ejection mechanism and a travel length of 4 mm. The triple-card-capturing mechanism prevents card from flying out at ejection. The robust structure protects against excess stress from above. The connector has a height of 1.68 mm and a width of 13.85 mm. The depth without card is 15.95 mm. There are four grounding points located diagonally at the four corners and the connector is designed with reverse card insertion protection. This product is RoHS-compliant.

Features and Benefits
  • microSD card connector, top-mount type
  • Push-push with ejection mechanism
  • Card fall out prevention
  • Height of 1.68 mm
  • Width of 13.85 mm
  • Depth without card is 15.95 mm
  • Current capacity is 0.5 A
  • Durability is 10,000 cycles

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