Wide-Angle PIR Sensor

By Parallax Inc 163

Wide-Angle PIR Sensor

Similar in functionality to Parallax's PIR sensor (555-28027), the wide-angle PIR sensor features a larger detection angle of 180°. This makes it ideal in applications where users need to track movements across a large, open area. The wide-angle PIR sensor is a pyroelectric device and it detects motion by sensing changes in the infrared levels emitted by surrounding objects. When motion is detected, the wide-angle PIR sensor outputs a high signal on its output pin.

  • 180° detection angle for widespread motion detection
  • Detects movement up to 30 ft away
  • User-selectable "night-time mode" for detecting motion in decreased lighting conditions
  • Adjustable sensitivity to tune for different operating conditions
  • 4-pin SIP package perfect for breadboard-friendly projects
  • Small size and mounting holes for easy concealment
  • Motion-activated nightlights
  • Alarm systems
  • Holiday animated props

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