ZX62W Series

By Hirose Electric Co Ltd 97

ZX62W Series

Hirose's ZX62W series is an overmolded type of micro USB receptacles that are splash proof. The plain exterior matches easily to the chassis design. There is improved solder-wicking prevention. The overmolded type of micro USB is available in standard type (bottom mount), reverse type (top mount) and mid-mount receptacles. The standard type has metal hold downs that are 2 dip and 2 SMT. The reverse type has 4 dip metal hold downs and the mid-mount type has 2 dip and 2 SMT hold downs.

Features and Benefits
  • Overmolded type micro USB receptacles that are splash proof
  • Available in standard, reverse, and mid-mount types
  • Improved solder-wicking prevention
  • Plain exterior for easy matching to the chassis design
  • Operating temperature is -30°C to +85°C
  • Rated voltage is 30 VAC
  • Durability is 10,000 cycles