AB Series Real-Time Clocks

By Abracon Corporation 107

AB Series Real-Time Clocks

Abracon Corporation introduces its ultra-low power, real-time clock with integrated circuits in a 3 mm x 3 mm QFN package. The AB08XX and AB18XX series of RTC ICs are targeted for ultra-low power, timekeeping applications where power consumption is of critical importance. Customers who seek sub 60 nA total power consumption with complete RTC functionality will find this family of great value.

Both AB08XX and AB18XX devices are offered with either SPI or I2C interface with up to 256 bytes of on-board RAM. Furthermore, the AB18XX devices are offered with an on-board power switch to control the power port of system processor/µcontroller; thereby, eliminating leakage currents.

Since RTC ICs have broad applications, these low cost, ultra-low power solutions are ideal for all power sensitive designs such as: coin-cell and other battery powered hand-held solutions, smart grid meters, smart cards, wireless sensors and tags, medical electronics, patient monitoring, utility meters, data loggers, appliances, handsets and other general purpose consumer electronics.

  • I2C (400 kHz) or SPI (2 MHz) communication
  • Counters for hundreds, seconds, minutes, hours, date, weekday, month, year and century
  • Alarm capability on all counters
  • A watchdog timer with hardware reset
  • Up to 256 bytes of general purpose RAM
  • Operating voltage: +1.70 V to +3.60 V
  • Power management: integrated less than 1 Ω power switch for off-chip components, such as the host MCU
  • An industry standard: 3 mm x 3 mm QFN package
  • An ultra-low supply current:
    • Less than 15 nA with RC oscillator
    • Less than 20 nA with RC oscillator and auto calibration
    • Less than 55 nA with crystal oscillator