bq27621-G1 Battery Gas Gauge

By Texas Instruments 386

bq27621-G1 Battery Gas Gauge

Texas Instruments' bq27621-G1 is an easy-to-configure microcontroller peripheral that provides system-side fuel gauging for single-cell Li-Ion batteries. The device requires minimal user configuration and system microcontroller firmware development.

The bq27621-G1 uses the patented Impedance Track™ algorithm with dynamic voltage correlation for fuel gauging. This patented process eliminates the need for a sense resistor when calculating remaining battery capacity (mAh), state of charge (%), battery voltage (mV), temperature (°C), and state of health (%).

Battery fuel gauging with the bq27621-G1 requires connections only to PACK+ (P+) and PACK– (P–) for a removable battery pack or embedded battery circuit. The tiny 9-pin 1.62 × 1.58 mm, 0.5 mm pitch YZF package is ideal for space-constrained applications.

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