Crosspoint Switch

By Analog Devices Inc 107

Crosspoint Switch

Analog Devices' Crosspoint Switch, the HMC857LC5 is easy to use, protocol agnostic, avoids complex programming, and is ideal for driving and receiving high-speed signals through backplanes up to 14.025 Gbps. The HMC857LC5 typically consumes less than 300 mW with all channels operational and is ideal for 10 GbE, 16G Fibre Channel and Infiniband networks. The HMC857LC5 is the first high-speed, low-power 2 x 2 crosspoint to support rate doubling functionality of any input data rate up to 14.025 Gbps. A typical application could include 6.375 Gbps XAUI rate doubling for more efficient transmission over existing copper traces, which allows customers to field-upgrade equipment to handle greater bandwidth by upgrading line and switch cards in existing equipment.

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