IR25750 Current Sensing IC

By Infineon Technologies 214

IR25750 Current Sensing IC

International Rectifier announced the introduction of the robust IR25750 general purpose current sensing IC available in an ultra-compact SOT23-5L package that boosts overall system efficiency while delivering dramatic space savings for high-current applications.

Measuring high currents through a power MOSFET or IGBT typically requires a large resistor which generates excess power losses. By extracting the voltage across the internal RDS(ON) of a power MOSFET or the VCE(ON) of an IGBT during the switch’s on-time, the IR25750 eliminates large external current sensing resistors, heatsinks, and excess power losses.

The IR25750’s gate-drive input provides the VCC supply voltage to the IC and synchronizes the RDS(ON) or VCE(ON) sensing circuit to the on and off times of the MOSFET or IGBT. Leveraging IR’s proprietary high-voltage technology, the device also features 600 V blocking capability necessary for blocking high VDS or VCE voltages during the switch off-time. Other key features include low gate input capacitance, internal filter delay at turn-on (200 nsec typical) and internal 20.8 V zener clamps on GATE and CS pins.

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