PAQ Series Quarter-Brick Isolated DC/DC Converter

PAQ Series Quarter-Brick Isolated DC/DC Converter

Murata Power Solutions’ fully-isolated Power Amplifiers Quarter-Brick series of DC/DC converters is used in power-radio applications and is optimized for the new generation of micro cell transmitter applications requiring up to 150 W. With an input voltage range of 36 to 75 V, the PAQ series delivers up to 5 A of output current from a fully-regulated 29.8 V output. The PAQ offers a wide output voltage range with the flexibility to adjust its output voltage with the range of 23.84 to 32.78 V (29.8 V nom) that accommodates multiple power-amplifiers designs, industry-leading efficiency (92.5% at 29.8 VOUT full load), and optimized design to reduce component count for increased reliability. Design features include an optional baseplate that is optimized for RFPA applications being deployed in sealed-box applications with its heatsink fixed directly to the host equipment chassis. The PAQ is designed as an open-frame quarter-brick, through-hole mount, with options for positive or negative logic and optional baseplate. Intended markets include micro base stations, (micro cell transmitters, RFPA (radio frequency power amplifiers), microwave radio communications, and telecom and data equipment applications where a 2:1 input voltage, 23 to 33 VOUT and isolated power is needed. The PAQ offers output overvoltage and, overcurrent protection, thermal shutdown, input under-voltage lockout, and short-circuit protection. The option for adding a baseplate for cold plate applications is also available with an optional baseplate to ground connect pin. The modules are designed to meet Conducted EMI requirement for class B with an optional external filter. The PAQ provides voltage isolation (basic) from input to output of 2250 V. The PAQ series is certified to safety standards UL/EN/IEC/CSA 60950-1, 2nd edition.

  • 2:1 input voltage range (36 V – 75 V)
  • Trimmable 23.84 (-20%) to 32.78 (10%) V output (29.8 V, nom)
  • Up to 150 W output power at 36 - 75VIN
  • Efficiency = 92.5% (typ)
  • Industry-standard quarter-brick package
  • Optional baseplate for conduction-cooling applications
  • Optional baseplate to ground connection pin
  • Positive and negative logic on/off control option
  • Monotonic startup into pre-bias/pre-load output conditions
  • Overcurrent (power limiting), over-temperature and over-voltage protection
  • Low output ripple and noise
  • Strong thermal derating performance
  • Operational temperature range –40°C to +100°C (baseplate temperature)
  • 2250 V I/O isolation, basic insulation
  • Certified to UL/EN 60950-1, CSA-C22.2 No. 60950-1, 2nd edition safety approvals

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