XMC 2Go Development Board

By Infineon Technologies 217

XMC 2Go Development Board

Infineon's XMC 2Go development board is equipped with the XMC1100 microcontroller featuring ARM® Cortex™-M0 CPU running on 32 MHz and 64 KB Flash and 16 KB RAM. The XMC 2Go development board has a complete set of on-board devices, including an on-board debugger to immediately start code development. You can build your own application and gadget with the XMC 2Go development board and it fits perfectly on a breadboard. It is shaped like a key chain and can go with you anywhere.

Features and Benefits
  • XMC1100 ARM Cortex-M0 based, 32 MHz, 64 KB Flash, and 16 KB RAM
  • On-board J-Link lite debugger (realized with XMC4200 microcontroller)
  • Power-over-USB (Micro USB)
  • ESD and reverse-current protection
  • 2x user LED
  • Pin header 2 x 8 pins suitable for breadboard

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