Smartphone Quick-Jack Solution

By NXP Semiconductors 91

Smartphone Quick-Jack Solution

NXP’s smartphone quick-jack solution offers a simple way to interface smartphones with an external device for data collection and control. It provides smartphone developers an easy way to add context-aware app features, input user or environment data, or connect peripherals. The smartphone quick-jack solution is a LPC812 powered demo board that allows for easy access to the data channel of a smartphone through a physical connection to the audio jack. The energy-harvesting circuit powers the demo board from the phone’s right audio channel. Both Android phones and iPhones can be utilized as the audio connector and communication protocols are universal.

The quick-jack app is currently available in the Google play store for Andriod and the app store for iOS devices. This app accompanies the demo board and provides a simple GUI on the smartphone to turn on and off external devices, display the position of the joystick, display temperature sensor readings, as well as transmit and receive data to and from the smartphone.

QuickJack App
How Does It Work?

  • Simple plug-and-play operation
  • No power required for board
    • Solution includes everything needed to get started
    • Demo board powered by LPC812 MCU
    • Joystick
    • Male/audio jack
    • Expansion connector for attaching external sensor/switch/HMI devices
    • Download free app, includes source code
    • Battery (optional)
Typical Applications
  • Wearables, medical, fitness: personal bio/health meters, patient monitoring, personal fitness devices
  • Gaming, toys, recreation: input devices such as keyboards, mice, remote controls, wands, joysticks, etc.
  • Industrial: measure, meter, monitor or control environmental conditions/status
  • Consumer: control or monitor switches, sensors, status
  • Data logger: upload data from field monitoring/collection devices

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