WE-FSFS Flexible Sintered Ferrite Sheets

By Würth Elektronik 157

WE-FSFS Flexible Sintered Ferrite Sheets

Wurth Electronics' eiSos flexible sintered ferrite sheets (WE-FSFS) are products designed for high-performance magnetic flux redirection. The correct management of the magnetic flux improves the energy and data transfer in inductive coupled systems (NFC, RFID, Wireless Power, and others), achieving a higher-efficiency and communication range. Size and weight are critical parameters in today's electronic devices, and with the last generation ferrite compositions used in WE-FSFS, optimal results are achieved with minimal thickness.

Applications Notes: Selection and Characteristics of WE-FSFS

The WE-FSFS are composed of three layers:

  • PET protective layer: High surface resistivity and adhesive strength to protect the ferrite layer
  • Pre-cut sintered ferrite layer: The core of the product; its magnetic properties concentrate and control the external magnetic fields
  • Adhesive layer: High adhesive strength to protect the ferrite and to apply the product
  • Flexible ferrite sheet with adhesive tape
  • High permeability
  • Low losses at communication frequency
  • Easy to apply adhesive mounting tape
  • Custom designs on request
  • Operating temperature: -40°C to +85°C
  • Improves efficiency of wireless power transfer (Qi-WPC, PMA, A4WP, WCT)
  • Improves performance of NFC and RFID communication systems
  • EMI suppression
  • Magnetic shielding