HR41 Series Waterproof Connector Systems

By Hirose Electric Co Ltd 89

HR41 Series Waterproof Connector Systems

The HR41 series from Hirose is a weather-resistant waterproof connector system for outdoor use. It is IP68 rated and guaranteed to ensure a waterproof seal while in the mated condition per Hirose’s specification. The series has an operator-friendly bayonet-locking system and tactile plug alignment indication. Wire crimping type is operator friendly and has an easy-to-assemble structure suited for wire connecting work in the field. The 3-step sequence structure design for 5-pin plugs protects the system in case of hot swapping.

Features and Benefits

  • IP68 weather-resistant waterproof connector for outdoor use
  • User-friendly bayonet lock and tactile plug alignment indication
  • Current rating is 20 A for 3 pin configuration, 10 A for 5 pin (20 A if using 4 pins and 1 GND)
  • Rated voltage is AC 600 V, DC 400 V for the 3 pin configuration and AC600 V, DC 400 V for the 5 pin
  • Anti-loosening mechanical structure for clamp tightening


  • LED lighting
  • BTS
  • ETC systems
  • Lighting in harsh environments