LTC®2997 - Remote/Internal Temperature Sensor

By Analog Devices Inc 94

LTC®2997 - Remote/Internal Temperature Sensor

Linear Technology's LTC2997 is a high-accuracy analog output temperature sensor. It converts the temperature of an external sensor or its own temperature to an analog voltage output. A built-in algorithm eliminates errors due to series resistance between the LTC2997 and the sensor diode.

The LTC2997 gives accurate results with low-cost diode-connected NPN or PNP transistors or with integrated temperature transistors on microprocessors or FPGAs. Tying pin D+ to VCC configures the LTC2997 to measure its internal temperature.

The LTC2997 provides an additional 1.8 V reference voltage output which can be used as an ADC reference input or for generating temperature threshold voltages to compare against the VPTAT output.

Click to see the DC1767A: Remote / Internal Temp Sensor Reference Design.

  • Converts remote sensor or internal diode
  • Temperature-to-analog voltage
  • ±1°C remote temperature accuracy
  • ±1.5°C internal temperature accuracy
  • Built-in series resistance cancellation
  • 2.5 V to 5.5 V supply voltage
  • 1.8 V reference voltage output
  • 3.5 ms VPTAT update time
  • 4 mV/°K output gain
  • 170 μA quiescent current
  • Available in 6-pin 2 mm × 3 mm DFN package

  • Temperature measurement
  • Remote temperature measurement
  • Environmental monitoring
  • System thermal control
  • Desktop and notebook computers
  • Network servers