SMT Resistor and Resistor Networks

SMT Resistor and Resistor Networks

CTS has developed a full line of resistor networks and SMT resistors for a number of industrial and manufacturing companies, universities, as well as the military.

CTS provides resistor networks that deliver high-performance line terminations to minimize channel capacitance and crosstalk for many termination configurations. Their resistor products utilize solid ceramic packaging to offer better thermal properties, higher operating temperatures and more resistors per square inch over similar sized molded products.

CTS resistor networks are used in AC, RC, V.35 and SCSI terminators, memory and ECL termination, R2R ladders, pull ups/pull downs, current limiting, EMI/RFI filters, T-filters, IEEE filters, and overcurrent protection.

Features and Benefits

  • Board space savings
  • Improved reliability
  • Fewer solder connections
  • Improved temperature co-efficient of resistance (TCR) tracking
  • Improved resistor tolerance matching
  • Fewer placements
  • Part count reduction
  • Increased efficiency