JHM Series DC-DC Power Converters

JHM Series DC-DC Power Converters

XP Power’s JHM series of board-mounted, compact, isolated DC-DC converters meet the ANSI/AAMI ES60601-1:2005/IEC60601-1 3rd edition medical safety standard. Having a maximum leakage current of 2 μA, the series meets the stringent international regulatory requirements for patient-connected medical equipment. The converters have a reinforced input to output insulation at a working voltage of 250 VAC and provide an isolation of up to 4,000 VAC for up to 1 minute, and up to 5,000 VAC for up to 10 milliseconds (defibrillator proof) and, as required by the 3rd edition, have two means of patient protection (MOPP). Isolation capacitance is 20 pF.

The series comprises of three ranges accepting wide 2:1 inputs with either single or dual outputs. Single outputs are +5, +12, or +15 VDC, and duals provide ±5, ±12 or ±15 VDC. The regulated outputs vary no more than +/- 0.3% under all input conditions and less than ±2.0% under all load conditions. Outputs can be trimmed up to ±10% of stated nominal output.

Measuring just 1.25 x 0.8 inches, these miniature converters fit a standard DIP 24-pin out footprint, keeping board space to a minimum and making them suitable as a drop-in replacement part for use in older designs.

The JHM series meets EN55011 and EN55022 Level A standards for conducted and radiated EMI without the need for any extra external components. Able to operate in most environments, the series can accommodate temperature from - 40°C to +80°C without any additional heatsinking or forced airflow. The units de-rate above +50°C and the maximum case temperature is +100°C.

Suiting a wide range of patient-connected medical applications, the JHM series is perfect for any design that requires a high level of voltage isolation, a low isolation capacitance together with a low level of leakage current.

  • International medical approvals
  • 3000 VAC reinforced insulation
  • 50ºC operation without derating
  • 2 μA patient leakage current
  • 24-DIP package
  • EN55011 Level A with no external components