LMT84 Analog Temperature Sensors

LMT84 Analog Temperature Sensors

Texas Instruments' LMT84 is a precision CMOS integrated-circuit temperature sensor with an analog output voltage that is linearly and inversely proportional to temperature. Its features make it suitable for many general temperature-sensing applications. It can operate down to 1.5 V supply with 5.4 µA power consumption making it ideal for battery-powered devices. Multiple package options including through-hole TO-92 and TO-126 packages also allow the LMT84 to be mounted on-board, off-board, to a heat sink, or on multiple unique locations in the same application.

A Class-AB output structure gives the LMT84 strong output source and sink-current capability that can directly drive up to 1.1 nF capacitive loads. This means it is well suited to drive an analog-to-digital converter sample-and-hold input with its transient load requirements. It has accuracy specified in the operating range of -50°C to +150°C. The accuracy, 3-lead package options, and other features also make the LMT84 an alternative to thermistors.

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  • LMT84-Q1 is AEC-Q100 Grade 0 qualified and is manufactured on an automotive grade flow
  • Low 1.5 V operation
  • Very accurate: ±0.4°C typical
  • Wide temperature range of -50°C to +150°C
  • Low 5.4 µA quiescent current
  • Average sensor gain of -5.5 mV/°C
  • Output is short-circuit protected
  • Push-pull output with ±50 µA drive capability
  • Footprint compatible with the industry-standard LM20/19 and LM35 temperature sensors
  • Cost-effective alternative to thermistors

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