UCC27611 High-Speed Single Gate Driver

UCC27611 High-Speed Single Gate Driver

Texas Instruments' UCC27611 is a single-channel, high-speed, gate driver optimized for 5 V drive, specifically addressing enhancement-mode GaN FETs. The drive voltage VREF is precisely controlled by internal linear regulator to 5 V. The UCC27611 offers asymmetrical rail-to-rail peak current drive capability with 4 A source and 6 A sink. Split output configuration allows individual turn-on and off time optimization depending on FET.

Package and pinout with minimum parasitic inductances reduce the rise and fall time and limit the ringing. Additionally, the short propagation delay with minimized tolerances and variations allows efficient operation at high frequencies. The 2 Ω and 0.3 Ω pull-up and pull-down resistance boosts immunity to hard switching with high slew rate dV and dt.

  • Split output configuration (allows turn-on and -off optimization for individual FETs)
  • Enhancement Mode Gallium Nitride FETs (eGANFETs)
  • 4.0 V to 18 V single supply VDD range
  • Drive voltage VREF regulated to 5 V
  • 4 A peak source and 6 A peak sink drive current
  • 1 Ω and 0.35 Ω pull-up and pull-down resistance (maximize high slew-rate dV and dt immunity)
  • Fast propagation delays (14 ns typical)
  • Fast rise and fall times (9 ns and 4 ns typical)
  • TTL- and CMOS-compatible inputs (independent of supply voltage allows easy interface to digital and analog controllers)
  • Dual-input design offering drive flexibility (both inverting and non-inverting configurations)

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