Hybrid Polymer Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors HX

Hybrid Polymer Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors HX

United Chemi-Con’s HXB series -55°C ~ +105°C SMD hybrid polymer aluminum electrolytic capacitors are recommended for power applications that need the attributes such as low-ESR-high ripple current capability and stable temperature characteristics of pure polymer aluminum capacitors with much higher rated voltage, stable leakage current after soldering and open failure mode. Pure polymer aluminum capacitors may experience short circuit failures in high humidity applications over 16 VDC.

Due to the downsizing requirement trend in power electronics these new hybrids were developed so 1 piece can replace as many as 6 pieces of standard +105°C aluminum electrolytic capacitors used in parallel.

For a better output filter or improved input smoothing use Chemi-Con hybrid capacitors for increased performance of your mid-voltage circuit operation today.

Features Applications
  • Endurance:105°C 10,000 h (8 mm and 10 mm Ø)
  • Voltage:16 V to 80 V
  • Capacitance:10 μF to 470 μF
  • Size:SMD 6.3 mm ~ 10 mm Ø
  • SMPS
  • VRM
  • DC-DC converter
  • PFC
  • Automotive