MAX11300 Integrates a PIXI™

MAX11300 Integrates a PIXI™

Maxim's MAX11300 integrates a PIXI, 12-bit, multichannel, analog-to-digital converter (ADC) and a 12-bit, multichannel, buffered digital-to-analog converter (DAC) in a single integrated circuit (IC). This device offers 20 mixed-signal high-voltage, bipolar ports, which are configurable as an ADC analog input, a DAC analog output, a general-purpose input port (GPI), a general-purpose output port (GPO), or an analog switch terminal. One internal and two external temperature sensors track junction and environmental temperature, respectively. Adjacent pairs of ports are configurable as a logic-level translator for open-drain devices or an analog switch.

PIXI ports provide highly flexible hardware configuration for 12-bit mixed-signal applications. The MAX11300 is best suited for applications that demand a mixture of several analog and digital functions. Each port is individually configurable with up to four selectable voltage ranges within -10 V to +10 V.

The MAX11300 allows for the averaging of 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, or 128 ADC samples from each ADC-configured port to improve noise performance. A DAC-configured output port can drive up to 25 mA. The GPIO ports can be programmed to user-defined logic levels, and a GPI coupled with a GPO forms a logic-level translator.

Internal and external temperature measurements can monitor user-programmable conditions of minimum and maximum temperature limits, using the interrupt to notify the host if one or more conditions occur. The temperature measurement results are made available through the serial interface.

The MAX11300 features an internal, low-noise 2.5 V voltage reference and provides the option to use external voltage references with separate inputs for the DAC and ADC. The MAX11300 uses a 4-wire, 20 MHz, SPI-compatible serial interface for communication with the host. The device operates from a 5 V analog supply and a 1.8 V to 5.0 V digital supply. The PIXI port driver voltage supply operates from a wide -12.5 V to +12.5 V.

Free, easy-to-use, drag-and-drop Software: Here, from Maxim

Features and Benefits

  • Up to 20 12-bit ADC inputs, single-ended or differential
  • ADC absolute input voltage ranges: 0 to +10 V, -5 to +5 V, -10 V to 0 V, and 0 to +2.5 V (direct ADC connection)
  • Programmable sampling averaging per ADC port
  • Up to 20 12-bit DAC outputs with 25 mA current capability
  • DAC output voltage ranges: 0 to +10 V, -5 to +5 V, and -10 V to 0 V
  • Up to 20 general-purpose digital I/O
  • +5 V analog supply
  • 20 MHz SPI/QSPI-compatible
  • Small 6 mm x 6 mm 40-pin TQFN and 9 mm x 9 mm 48-pin TQFP packages
  • 0 to +5 V input range for GPI
  • 0 to +2.5 V programmable threshold range for GPI
  • 0 to +10 V programmable output range for GPO
  • Internal or external voltage reference for DAC and ADC
  • Individually selectable voltage reference for each ADC-configured PIXI port
  • Internal and external temperature sensors, ±2°C accuracy
  • 50 Ω analog switching capability between adjacent PIXI ports
  • 1.8 V to 5.0 V compatible serial interface