IRMCK099 Sensorless FOC Motor Controller

IRMCK099 Sensorless FOC Motor Controller

International Rectifier's IRMCK099 is a low cost, high performance OTP memory-based motion control ASIC designed primarily for appliance applications. IRMCK099 is designed to implement high performance control solutions for advanced inverterized appliance motor control. IRMCK099 contains the flexible Tiny Motion Control Engine (TinyMCE) for sensorless control of permanent magnet motors over the full speed range. The TinyMCE implements sensorless field-oriented control using single- or leg-shunt current feedback by a combination of hardware and IR-supplied firmware elements.

Key components of the complex, sensorless control algorithms, such as the angle estimator, are provided as complete, pre-defined control blocks. The ASIC is designed to eliminate external components and reduce cost by including an A/D converter, analog amplifiers, an overcurrent comparator, watchdog timer, and internal oscillator. Strong startup and configuration tools get the motor running quickly without any programming. The user can also create custom control loops and communication protocols for application-specific solutions. A standby power mode can help to increase overall system efficiency. IRMCK099 comes in a 5 mm x 5 mm, 32-pin QFN package.

  • TinyMCE (Tiny Motion Control Engine) - dedicated computation engine for high efficiency sinusoidal sensorless motor control
  • Internal oscillator – no clock required
  • Built-in hardware peripheral for single- or two-shunt current feedback reconstruction and analog circuits
  • Supports both interior and surface permanent magnet motor sensorless control
  • Loss minimization space vector PWM
  • Internal ITRIP comparator
  • Two-channel analog output (Sigma Delta D/A)
  • JTAG programming port for debugging
  • UART and I²C serial interface
  • Factory calibrated analog inputs
  • Capture input
  • Watchdog timer with independent internal clock
  • Standby low power mode
  • Internal 16 Kbyte OTP memory
  • CRC memory check
  • 5 V tolerant digital I/O
  • 3.3 V single-supply

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