OPA2625 Analog-to-Digital Converter Driver

OPA2625 Analog-to-Digital Converter Driver

Texas Instruments' OPA2625 operational amplifier is an excellent 16-bit and 18-bit SAR ADC driver that is high precision with low THD and noise allowing for a unique power-scalable solution. This device is fully characterized and specified with a 16-bit settling time of 280 ns that enables a true 16-bit effective number of bits (ENOB). Along with a high dc precision of only 100 µV offset voltage, a wide gain-bandwidth product of 120 MHz and a low wideband noise of 2.5 nV/√Hz, this device is optimized for driving high-throughput, high-resolution SAR ADCs, such as the ADS88xx family of SAR ADCs.

The OPA2625 features two operating modes: high-drive and low-power. In the innovative low-power mode, the OPA2625 tracks the input signal allowing the OPA2625 to transition from low-power mode to high-drive mode at 16-bit ENOB within 170 ns.

The OPA2625 device is available in 6-pin SOT and 10-pin VSSOP packages and is specified for operation from -40°C to 125°C.

  • High-drive mode:
    • GBW (G = 100): 120 MHz
    • Slew rate: 115 V/µs
    • 16-bit settling at 4 V step: 280 ns
    • Low voltage noise: 2.5 nV/√Hz at 10 kHz
    • Low output impedance: 1 Ω at 1 MHz
    • Offset voltage: ±100 µV (max)
    • Offset voltage drift: ±3 µV/ºC (max)
    • Low quiescent current: 2 mA (typ)
  • Power-scalable features:
    • Ultrafast transition from low-power to high-drive mode: 170 ns
  • Low-power mode:
    • GBW: 1 MHz
    • Low quiescent current: 270 µA (typ)
  • High AC and DC precision:
    • Low distortion: -122 dBc for HD2 and -140 dBc for HD3 at 100 kHz
    • Input common-mode range includes negative rail
    • Rail-to-rail output
    • Wide temperature range: fully specified from -40°C to 125°C

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