MSP430FR2311 LaunchPad™ Development Kit

MSP430FR2311 LaunchPad™ Development Kit

Texas Instruments' MSP-EXP430FR2311 LaunchPad development kit is an easy-to-use microcontroller development board for the MSP430FR2311 MCU. It contains everything needed to start developing quickly on the MSP430FR2x FRAM platform, including on-board emulation for programming, debugging, and energy measurements. The board features on-board buttons and LEDs for integration of a simple user interface and an optical sensor interface to get started with development. The kit comes with a  preprogrammed code for testing the light intensity and use of integrated op amp. The MSP430FR2311 MCU device is the world’s first MCU with a configurable low-leakage current sense amplifier, with 50 pA current leakage and 4 KB of embedded ferroelectric random access memory (FRAM), a non-volatile memory known for its ultra-low-power, high endurance, and high-speed write access. The device also has integrated smart analog features (integrated op amp, comparator, DAC, and ADC) to help connect a variety of industrial sensors enabling single-chip implementation for most sensing applications. Rapid prototyping is a snap thanks to 20-pin headers and a wide range of BoosterPack plug-in modules enabling technologies such as wireless connectivity, graphical displays, environmental sensing, and much more.

Includes: MSP-EXP430FR2311 LaunchPad development kit, micro USB cable, and quick start guide

  • MSP430 ULP FRAM-based MSP430FR2311 16-bit MCU 4KB FRAM
  • EnergyTrace™ available for ultra-low-power debugging
  • 20-pin LaunchPad standard leveraging the BoosterPack ecosystem
  • Onboard eZ-FET emulation
  • One button and two LEDs for user interaction
  • Back-channel UART via USB to PC
  • Optical light sensing circuit

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