Visible LEDs

Visible LEDs

The Wurth Electronics product portfolio offers a wide range of visible LEDs. Their SMD LEDs are available not only with different packages (standard chip LEDs, PLCC LEDs, and ceramic LEDs), but also with diverse colors (mono-, bi-, and full-color).

The top view mono-color chip LEDs are available in small packages (0603, 0805, and 1206), but with exceptional brightness. The industrial standard chip LED's side view (1204) is excellent for edge lighting displays and backlighting indicators. The reverse mount type is designed to emit light through a small cut-out hold in PCB. These LEDs are offered in different lens constructions (rectangular, cylindrical, and domed), which support the best optical characteristics for any narrow space applications. Some of the common chip LED packages are available in bi-color combinations and RGB. With low energy consumption and high reliability, Wurth Electronics LEDs are ideal for backlighting, indoor and outdoor lighting applications, and optical indicators.

Wurth Electronics also provides two common PLCC packages, 2214 and 3528: mono-color spectrum, bi-color and RGB.  On grounds of miniature size and flexibility in design, they are ideal for flat LCD backlights, signage, and decorative lighting.

The high-power LEDs from Wurth Electronics are ceramic LEDs, which have a package size of 3535. With the high efficiency and brightness, the ceramic LEDs are suitable for horticultural lighting, traffic and signal lights, entertainment and stage lighting, and for indoor smart lights.

In addition to the SMD LEDs Wurth provides THT LEDs in standard 3 mm and 5 mm package sizes existing with various colors, with and without stopper, and in water clear and diffused lens.

  • Backlighting
  • Indicators
  • General use