KILOVAC Current Sensing Contactors

By TE Connectivity Aerospace, Defense and Marine 386

KILOVAC Current Sensing Contactors

The KILOVAC current sensing contactors from TE Connectivity (TE) eliminate the need for a discrete current sensor, saving the customer money, weight and space. The sensor function also has a programmable trip feature, allowing for immediate, delayed or disabled trip. In addition to the integrated current sensing feature, KCS series contactors are rugged and hermetically sealed, making them suitable for a variety of applications in harsh, corrosive, and explosive environments. Even after long periods of non-operation, the contacts are impervious to oxidation and contamination.

The KCS series contactor is extremely small and lightweight. It features bidirectional switching and an integrated dual-coil electronic economizer with internal coil suppression, and can be mounted in any orientation. Main contacts are not polarity sensitive, and the KCS series is EMC compliant with no radiated coil emissions.

  • Energy storage
  • Battery storage
  • Power distribution
  • Power motion control
  • High-voltage DC converter systems
  • Alternative energy
  • Military and commercial electric vehicles
  • Test equipment
  • Industrial automation