PT Series Sealed Power Toggle Switches

PT Series Sealed Power Toggle Switches

The PT series sealed power toggle switches from C&K are well-suited to meet the stringent performance requirements for vehicles used in off-road, construction, and agriculture, as well as those for materials handling, industrial, and liftgate controls and equipment.

PT switches are manufactured to be reliable and rugged, making them perfect for harsh outdoor conditions where dirt, dust, and wetness are constant factors. Switches incorporated into vehicles and equipment for these industries need to work consistently, no matter the conditions, a factor recognized by C&K when it designed its latest switch.

C&K’s PT series sealed power toggle switches are built with a patented single piece injection molded seal for extra protection, are designed with a high-strength, heat-resistant housing, and have superior oil and fuel resistance. PT switches have a versatile IP66/IP68 seal rating, are IEC/UL 61058-1 certified, and are rated at 15 amps for maintained functions and 10 amps for momentary functions, making it easy for engineers to incorporate the switch into their designs.


  • IP66 / IP68 versatile rating to withstand harsh outdoor environments, intense, wet weather, wind-blown rain, dust, dirt
  • UL 61058-1 certified has global acceptance with no additional testing needed
  • Integrated panel seal for extra protection
  • Superior oil and fuel resistance
  • High strength, heat resistant housing designed for demanding applications subjected to vibration and harsh conditions
  • Off-road, construction/agricultural vehicles
  • Material handling equipment
  • Articulating, scissor, and bucket lift controls
  • Outdoor industrial equipment
  • Lift gate controls