WE-PD SMT Shielded Power Inductor

By Würth Elektronik 114

WE-PD SMT Shielded Power Inductor

Wurth Electronics' WE-PD series are SMT magnetically shielded power inductors featuring a low leakage field and low self-losses. With a high storage capacity, the WE-PD series features the highest possible current loading for SMT inductors. This series has an operating temperature between -40°C and +125°C/+150°C. Because of the one-piece construction, the WE-PD series are more suitable for high vibration or shock applications.

The WE-PD series is offered in three different types: standard, robust, and performance.

  • WE-PD: features low loss material, tight tolerances, and high saturation behavior compared to other manufacturers in the market
  • WE-PD Robust (R): features a plastic base which improves the mechanical stability and efficiency
  • WE-PD Performance (P): features an MnZn core which improves saturation and RDC for highest efficiency
  • AECQ 200 qualified
  • Ultra-low RDC and RAC
  • Highest possible saturation current based on ferrite
  • Suitable for switching frequency up to 10 MHz
  • Temperature dependent parameter available on REDEXPERT
  • Operating temperature from -40°C to +125°C/+150°C
  • Switch mode power supplies from 0.1 W up to 300 W
  • Integrated DC/DC converters
  • Switch mode power supplies with extremely high efficiency (>95%)