60 Series SOM

By Laird - Embedded Wireless Solutions 185

60 Series SOM

Laird Connectivity’s 60 series SOM, based on the Microchip SAMA5D36 processor, brings all of Laird Connectivity’s industry competence and capabilities into one solution. The SOM provides:

  • Superior enterprise-class Wi-Fi performance
  • Onboard cryptographic engine
  • Chain of trust architecture with layers of security to mitigate attacks
  • CVE checking and penetration testing
  • Reduced time-to-market
  • Fully featured development kit for designing with the full suite before integrating with your device

The 60 SOM is the ideal system on module for devices that require superior connectivity. Combining the Sterling 60 Series module and Summit Software Stack, the SOM provides superior wireless connectivity in harsh RF environments. It also supports dual-Ethernet for wired connectivity. The 30 mm x 30 mm form factor and variety of interfaces allow the 60 Series SOM to be used as a wireless bridge, main processing unit, or IoT gateway.


  • Designed with connectivity at the core; including Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, dual-Ethernet, CAN bus, USB, UART, SPI, SD, I2C, and GPIOs
  • Chain of trust architecture creates secure modules running approved software with secured file systems
  • The stack provides superior performance in harsh environments with faster channel scanning, 15x faster roaming, and 50% more consistent roaming when compared to other radios
  • Can serve as the main platform for a product, providing a feature rich base and speeding design to market
  • Regulatory compliance for FCC, ETSI, and IC, as well as Wi-Fi Alliance certification and Bluetooth SIG qualification
  • Healthcare and medical devices
  • IoT bridging/gateways
  • Industrial environments

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