PRC Series Circular Connectors

By Phoenix Contact 168

PRC Series Circular Connectors

Phoenix Contact's three- and five-position power connectors in the PRC series enable reliable and convenient connections between AC cables to equipment. The device connectors, with crimp connection, are supplied pre-assembled with stranded-wire leads. Alternatively, they can be terminated with available tooling.

Inverted PRC connectors add functionality and customization to the existing PRC connector line
The most recent housings in the PRC series allow the user to choose between a 0-, 45-, or 90-degree orientation on both the cable- and the device-side connectors. These contact inserts utilize screw termination connections and allow the choice of pin or socket on both the device and cable-side of the system.

Features and Benefits
  • Screw-termination
  • 0-, 45-, or 90-degree orientation on both cable and device side
  • Easy conductor connection using universal-screw connection technology
  • Suitable for stranded and solid cables
  • Currents up to 35 A (three-position) and up to 30 A (five-position)
  • UL 2238 certified
  • UV-resistant
  • Snaps in automatically when inserted
  • Can only be separated using tools-screwdriver
  • Voltages up to 600 V
  • Cable diameter of 8 mm to 21 mm
  • IP68 / IP69K
  • 14-10 AWG