Ethernet MagJack® 2 x1 1GBase-T 30 W and 60 W

By Bel Fuse Inc 125

Ethernet MagJack® 2 x1 1GBase-T 30 W and 60 W

Bel Magnetic Solutions' ICMs are intended for customers who are looking to save board space by stacking RJ45 connectors together, grouping the ethernet magnetics within the connector and enabling the magnetics to inject power onto the data lines. This product family combines two RJ45 Ethernet ports with magnetics that can safely inject 30 W or 60 W of power. They support a wide range of 1GBase-T Ethernet applications and are available in extended temperature ranges (-40°C to +85°C) for the industrial market. This product type is aimed at customers building products from switches to routers to single board computers to Ethernet controllers.

As communication equipment is adding the capability of either providing or accepting power over Ethernet (PoE), the need arises for smaller, higher density connectors capable of this functionality. There are many second and third level communication boxes that need only a few ethernet ports capable of PoE but need more than the original 15 W. Access points and other peripherals are requiring more power all the time, sometimes up to 60 W, and they need equipment capable of supporting this. These PoE ICMs fit this need by combining two RJ45 Ethernet ports with the PoE-enabled magnetics into one robust, small form factor. With industrial temperature range capability, this product family fits the needs of a growing segment of communications equipment.

  • RoHS compliant
  • Operating temperature range: -40°C to +85°C
  • UL recognized
  • Optional LEDs
  • Ethernet switches
  • Network routers
  • Industrial Ethernet controllers
  • Ethernet PoE repeaters


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