Alves U-Joint Series

By Wakefield-Vette 326

Alves U-Joint Series

Wakefield-Vette's Alves U-joint series are the ultimate products in motion linkage. All wear parts are heat-treated for increased life. The split block design provides a positive lubrication reservoir for long life and low wear. The pins move resistance-free within the bushings while the bushings remain fixed with the yokes. The bushings take the wear, not the yokes, and are easily replaced by the use of inexpensive repair kits. Standard joints are produced from high-grade alloy steel for extra durability. Each part of the same joint is completely interchangeable. All parts are produced to extremely close tolerances and fitted exactly to meet the most rigid backlash requirements. The Blue Block design is available in stainless steel with keyways, splines, or other special configurations. Protective coverings are also available for use in contaminated atmospheres. The unique construction of the split block forms a lubrication chamber. The oil enters through the oil hole in one pin and into the reservoir. As the speed is increased, oil is thrown centrifugally to thoroughly lubricate each pin and bushing

Wakefield-Vette's Alves Blue Block Universal Joints Chart

  • Stock car racers
  • Nuclear installations
  • Tractor attachments
  • In-plant utility vehicles
  • Grain augers