ASM3-SxDx-xxxxH Surface Mount LEDs

By Broadcom Limited 106

ASM3-SxDx-xxxxH Surface Mount LEDs

Broadcom's ASM3-SxDx-xxxxH 3535 surface mount LEDs are energy-efficient LEDs that can be driven at high driving current and can dissipate heat efficiently, resulting in a better performance in reliability. Their low-profile package design addresses a wide variety of applications where superior robustness and high efficiency are required. In addition to being compatible with the reflow soldering process, the silicone encapsulation ensures product superiority and longevity.

  • High-reliability package with enhanced silicone resin encapsulation
  • Available in deep red, far red, royal blue, and cool white
  • Wide viewing angle at 130°
  • Compatible with the reflow soldering process
  • Horticulture lighting
  • General lighting
  • Commercial lighting
  • Architecture lighting